Analytics in IT monitoring

In the era of digitalization and increased importance of reliable operation of IT systems for business, the requirements for effective functioning of IT infrastructure monitoring solutions are also on the increase.

The number of failures of IT systems can be significantly reduced by using effective systems for current monitoring of the parameters of devices operating in a server room or corporate network.

The development of IT infrastructure monitoring systems is primarily about increasing the role of analysis and automation mechanisms of typical processes, as well as using IoT and machine learning technologies to increase the reliability and efficiency of physical infrastructure in data centers.

What are the benefits of implementing IT Operations Analytics?

  • Chance to globally optimize and plan resources
  • Analyzing, predicting and avoiding failures in data processing environments, from hardware to applications, in the Data Center and in the cloud
  • Shared insight into the entire environment
  • Speeding up network troubleshooting
  • Increased service availability and reduced downtime
  • Increased operational effectiveness thanks to quick problem localization through detailed insight into all parts of the infrastructure
  • Monitoring of any applications, databases, servers, storages, network devices

What can we do for you?

  • Pre-implementation analysis, which allows you to define the objectives and select appropriate tools
  • Technical design
  • Proof of Concept
  • Implementation
  • Post-implementation documentation
  • Training
  • Service and maintenance of the implemented solution

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